Exit oz

Exit Oz
Exit oz by Catherine Forde is about a boy named Dec and in this book you also meet his mom and his brother Gabe. His brother Gabe, is a Goth obsessed boy with dark music, dog collars and dying his hair purple, their pet snake Oz who lives on small baby mice, Jake Dec's friend who have a pet shop where Dec works, and their mom, who hates everything about the snake but especially the small baby mice. Dec really loves snakes and can't get enough of them. He has always dreamed about having a big python. But the only snake his mom agreed to have at home was a 40 cm long corn snake.

Gabe, Dec and his parents lives in what I think is a flat somewhere in London. And the book takes place most of the time in the flat. I think the book takes place now in 2010 or something like that.

One day when Gabe and Dec was going to bath their snake he escaped down trough the overflow hole in the sink. They got really sad and after blaming each other for a while they help each other to find him again. Dec made a snake trap in the sink full of small baby mice and Gabe sang and hoped for that the snake would come back. But does it come back? Read it and you'll find out.
I think this was a really good and funny book. And I think that the book has a message that even if things are small and you think doesn't mean much. But you still love it so much that you will anything to get it back, and do things like Dec and Gabe does when the snake disappears.


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