Six steps to a girl

Six Steps To Girl
I've read the book ''six steps to a girl'' by Sophie McKenzie. The book takes place at home, at friends houses, at school and in the city. This book is a romantic book about a teenager boy who's name is Luke. Luke's dad just died and at his dads funeral he spots this amazing girl that he can't stop thinking about. Her name is Eve. She's one year older than luke and has a boyfriend, she's also one of the most popular girls in school. So it doesn't seem so good for Luke who is not even near popular but still has some friends he hangs out with.
At home Luke's life is a mess, and one night Chloe (who is Luke's older sister) throws a party when their mum leaves the house to them. At the party Luke meets Ryan and Ryan tells him that there is a ''six steps guide'' to get any girl you want. He says that he can help him. Luke is a little bit sarcastic about it but still a little curious. The party goes a little bit of hand and then their mum comes home, furious. She grounds Luke for two weeks and Chloe for 4 weeks. After that, all the fights begin between Chloe and her mum. They can't have a single conversation without a fight.
A few days later Ryan comes over to tell about step one. He also takes two friends with him. Luke recognizes them from school. They show pictures of them with all the girls they've had. Luke, still trying to be cool says he doesn't need any advices. But Luke follows the six steps and becomes friends with Ryan, maybe even best friends. But will the steps really work?
Sophie McKenzie is the author of this book. She has also written two more books in the Luke and Eve series as a follow up. Sophie lives in London and has since she was a kid. She has worked as a journalist and magazine editor. But when she started writing she fell in love with it and published her first novel in 2006, Girl, Missing. The book got many awards and she has now also made a up comer to that book. Sophie often writes series and not just one single book.
I think this book is good, it's not the best that I've read but far away from the worse (and I've read many bad books). This is also the first book that I've read in English. And this book is about 200 pages thick, so I think it's a good book to start reading english. It's also not the smallest letters, but not very big either, they're quite normal in the size. And something special about this book is that in every new chapter there is a bit of lyrics from a song and the name of the song and the artist also stands below the ''quote''. I didn't get why the quotes where there but I may have a clue. Luke got a hole box of old records from his dad that he had left to Luke. Luke starts to listen to them sometimes so the quotes maybe are from the records? The quotes often also has something to do what the chapter is about but I can't understand all of them why they are there because some I can't really relate to the chapter. Here is an example of a quote ''I said 'I'll see you later' and I give her some old chat. But it's not like that on the TV when it's cool for cats.'' - 'Cool For Cats', Squeeze. So the text is the lyrics and then it's the name of the song and the artist/band. This is one of the quotes I can't relate to, this was when Chloe was going to have a party. And even if I don't understand the quotes all the time I like them, the quotes does the book a little more special.
The book can have some difficult words like, row and snog since it's British and not american as we are used to. But when you read the hole sentence you'll probably understand the sentence without knowing just the word, you can also guess like me. I guessed that row was like a fight and then I looked it up and it was right. So the language won't be that difficult, maybe just a little. But I think it was more fun when it was British because on the internet almost everything is american and everything you read, you read on american and not British. And another plus is that you actually learn some new words on British.
The book was good. It had all the ingredients to a great romance. A boy that falls in love with a girl he can't have, a hard time at home, a (two) secret relationships and drama! And also the special ingredient, a six steps guide! That's what makes this book good, otherwise I don't know if I would read it in the first place. Cause the reason I picked this book was because I thought it was interesting with the steps and if it worked. And at the front, under the title, there is this text, ''Ever wondered how boys REALLY operate?''. That means that this book is supposed to be for girls to read, but I think guys can read it to, cause the main person is a boy and everything is from a boys perspective, therefor I would think this was more for boys before I saw the ''girly'' design of the front and the text. That may stop the boys from picking this book, but I think it even fits them more to read than girls. And the message of this book must be something like you have to fight for what you want, you can't just get it. Because Luke wants Eve and she doesn't even know he exists, but after he begins with the six steps she starts to notice him and they're coming closer to each other. Also that you should believe in your self and be confident because otherwise Luke wouldn't have a chance with Eve.
Another thing I like about this book is that it has a twist in the end you would never think of. And that end was quiet funny, especially if I compare it to the last book I read ''Ett nytt liv på köpet'' which had the worse end ever. A book that I've read, ''Hur du blir populär'' is quiet alike this book actually. Because the main character is shy and not popular and then she finds a list how you can be popular and she follows it and it actually works, but then something happens. It's the same with this book, here is also a ''list'' you follow that goes great and then something happens. But in the other book I read, there is a girl as a main character, and in this book there is a boy. And something that ha been on my mind the hole time I've read this book is that in my head I imagine Luke's home exactly as a house were we use to go on camps called ''4h läger''. The way they describe Luke's house, it's like they describe the house I'm thinking of! Sure there is a few differences but not many.
This was an overall great book and I surely recommend it.
By: Alida Persson
Btw, I didn't know we were supposed to be finished with the review this morning, I thought we had all Friday to finish it so therefore I post it now.

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  1. Alida, I've really enjoyed reading your review and I've written about in on Unikum.

    I'm curious. This is the first book you read in English. Will there be more?